SKS Advisors founder Steven Sieck specializes in providing strategic support to the critical business initiatives of leading information companies.

Managing teams of various sizes, he has focused in six areas:

Corporate Development
For the board of a major professional publisher, assessed the strategic value of a proposed $2B acquisition in law publishing. The investment was approved, and the acquisition has proven successful. > More examples

Industry and Portfolio Analysis
For the divisional parent of a leading reference publisher, assessed its current position in, and alternative futures for, the public, K-12, and academic library markets. The findings clinched a decision to retain the reference business and invest in the launch of new online products. > More examples

Product Development
For a diversified business media and information provider, managed development of a business case that won board approval of an 8-figure investment in core online capabilities. > More examples

Market Entry Strategy
For a provider of construction industry information, developed strategies for entering the direct-to-consumer market. We researched and analyzed several attractive opportunities, and established an alliance with a major consumer information brand. > More examples

Strategic Marketing
For a global vendor of information technology services, developed a multi-divisional strategy to catalyze e-learning market development. Our work focused on the e-learning opportunities and challenges of the leading US and European educational publishers. > More examples

Business / Technology Strategy Integration
For a multimedia B2B publisher, partnering with a leading systems integrator, assessed the requirements of semi-autonomous business unitsí individual online strategies and their alignment with a more centralized online platform and organization. The CEO is using the findings to gain critical understanding and consensus among business unit leaders. > More examples