Corporate Development
• For a leading provider of information services in business and educational markets,   reviewed acquisition and investment opportunities in the science and engineering   information markets, and provided an in-depth analysis of the company emerging as   the most strategically attractive.
• For an information technology industry trade publisher ranking in the top ten Web   publishers in advertising revenues, developed a strategy for refocusing the company’s   Internet operations to better align with shareholder value objectives.
• For the board of a major professional publisher, provided an assessment, based on   primary research and industry analysis, of the strategic value of a proposed $2B   acquisition in law publishing.
• For a global publisher and information services provider, assessed the acquisition   attractiveness and strategic fit of several financial, legal, and other information   services companies.
• For a global provider of business and professional information services, advised senior   management throughout the pursuit of a $1B-plus acquisition in the financial   information services sector.

Industry / Portfolio Analysis
• For the parent division of a leading reference publisher, assessed its current position   in, and alternative futures for, the public, K-12, and academic library markets.
• For a global provider of business and professional information services, conducted a   full review and assessment of supply and demand trends in the global financial   information services market.
• For the Interactive Services Association, analyzed the results of a major survey of   consumer online services users conducted by multiple service providers, and   presented the findings and implications at the Association’s annual conference.
• For a leading international publisher and information services provider preparing a bid   on a large-scale government contract, analyzed the market for SEC-derived financial   information, and the potential market opportunities available to the EDGAR contractor.
• For a major business trade publisher and information service provider, assessed the   market position and success requirements for a CD-ROM electronic component   selection system.
• For a group of major telecommunications, media, and financial services sponsors,   served as director of Electronic Access, an intensive eight-month study of new media   applications, market timing, evolving structures, and winning technologies; and of   Electronic Access ‘96, a follow-on study focusing on Internet business strategies.
• For the New York New Media Association, Empire State Development, and the New   York City Mayor’s Office, directed the First and Second New York/New Media Industry   Surveys, generating tremendous worldwide visibility for New York as a center of   Internet innovation, including a New York Times lead editorial.

Product Development
• For a European provider of construction industry and local authority information   services, evaluated the leading electronic information services in those sectors in the   US and UK, highlighting key developments and messages from the research in order   to guide the client’s e-services development.
• For an international electronics company, helped validate a market opportunity, identify   product requirements, and develop business models with potential professional   publishing partners.
• For a global vendor of information technology services helped to develop a multi-  divisional strategy to catalyze e-learning market development.
• For a global news-gathering organization, developed a strategy for accelerating the   growth of its information services division.
• For a packager/distributor of real-time news services, provided product development   assistance including market segmentation, sizing, and forecasting, application   analysis and qualitative research with target customers.
• For a provider of franchise network performance management services, assessed   opportunities to leverage existing capabilities in additional industry segments.

Market Entry Strategy
• For a global provider of business and professional information services, led an in-  depth study of the opportunity to increase sales of international and cross-jurisdictional   tax and regulatory information products.
• For a provider of construction industry information, developed strategies for entering   the direct-to-consumer market.
• For a global player in intellectual property services, assisted the development of   market entry strategy for a new patent analytics product by managing a quantitative   survey of target customer segments in seven countries, and providing an in-depth   competitive analysis.
• For a major publishing, information services and media company, developed the   business plan and market entry strategy for an Internet-based individual investor   support service.
• For a nationally-known online services provider, developed a business plan for market   entry into the direct Internet Service Provider business.
• For a publisher of industrial buyers guides, developed a market entry strategy for a   new international print and electronic directory product.

Strategic Marketing
• For a major scientific publisher and information aggregator, assisted development of it   strategy for serving the market of individual scientists and small workgroups.
• For a respected special interest magazine publisher launching an ambitious web   portal, quantified and segmented the potential audience, identified strengths and   weaknesses of competitors, and analyzed business models of comparable, best-  practice sites.
• For a major scientific publisher, assessed the market position of an emerging patent   information competitor, analzying customer viewpoints, competitor actions,   comparative offerings, and overall patent information market trends.
• For a provider of offshore-based IT services, conducted a survey of major US   publishers concerning outsourcing experience, current activities, and future needs.   The study identified high-potential segments and provided qualified leads on immediate   sales opportunities.
• For a major information technology vendor, managed a team facilitating development   of a corporate strategy for digital media offerings to the media and telecommunications   industry custmers.
• For a major scientific information publisher and information aggregator, conducted a   survey of trends among subscriptions management providers.
• For a leading information technology provider, analyzed the responses of a selected   group of peer corporations to opportunities created by the convergence of digital media   markets.
• For a leading information technology vendor, analyzed the competitive position of its   electronic customer support services, and recommended strategies addressing   weaknesses and maintaining best-in-class positioning.
• For a Regional Bell Operating Company, assessed the market opportunity and   requirements for an enhanced electronic white pages directory.

Strategy / Technology Integration
• For a multimedia B2B publisher, partnering with a major systems integrator, led an   initiative to assess the alignment of the online strategies of semi-autonomous   business units with a more centralized online platform and organization.
• For a provider of aviation industry regulatory compliance and maintenance information   services preparing to upgrade its content delivery platform, led market research   incorporating in-depth customer interviews, focus groups, and a quantitative telephone   survey to identify market requirements and key competitive differentiators.
• For a leading business & professional information services provider, led the discovery,   definition, and analysis of strategic business capabilities required to compete and   thrive in an Internet-centric environment.
• For a business information subsidiary of a Media Global 50 publisher, led Internet   strategy development and enterprise analysis supporting a development effort focused   on infrastructure modernization for an array of new services and higher-value   positioning.
• For a major financial services provider, developed offering strategies and functional   requirements for consumer Internet services such as wireless electronic bill payment   and presentment, online lending, and online learning.
• For a global hospitality industry company, conducted executive interviews and online   qualitative and quantitative research to guide design and content priorities for a major   web site re-launch.